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Slug the Bugs and punch the buggies! Hear the cars speed past you and immerse yourself in thrilling 360-degree audio. Just don't slug the cops! 

Ghost 3D Audio creates an unreal experience that reaches beyond your headphones. You'll get addicted to this simple, yet devilishly fast-paced game. 

Watch an entire town spring up as you advance through the game! Rolling hills and mansions complete the cartoon themed city, so adorable, you'll want to live there.

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Slug Bugs features
The music and audio is a special treat for headphone users. We've meticulously designed the soundtrack using binaural 3D audio for everything. You can even predict when bugs are coming before you see them on the screen!

Luscious graphics and detailed artwork turn this game into sweet, sugary eye-candy.

Slug Bugs is designed to run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod 2nd/3rd/4th Gen devices
  • Awesome Graphics

  • Incredible Binaural Audio

  • 2x, 3x, 4x Multiple Slug Bonuses

  • OpenFeint Support

  • Game Center Support

We plan to continue to support and update Slug Bugs forever.

Tell us what you'd like to see in future updates.

Upcoming in early updates:

- Retina Support!
- Multiplayer Mode!
- Peace & Love Mode!

Not that we have a problem with our valiant protectors, but we won't put them in this part of the game.

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